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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Blog is still active

Hello fellow dawggzzz for it is I Canine the lazy and inactive blogger. Anywho read the title.


  1. Thank you for sorting out the tabs! I will have the first chapter of Htbah posted soon! I can comment on ipad now, so I'll be able to post easier ^-^

    My updates will still be irregular though because I have varying degrees of motivation


  2. Hey, Canine? Question...

    Why is it that when I follow this blog, the title is "est 2016." And at the top of the header, you have to click "est 2016" instead of the actual header.

    I was just thinking, no wonder people have a hard time finding this blog! I remember it took me a LONG while to find it and I looked up "animal jam fan fiction."

    Perhaps try to fix this? :)