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Jamaasian High


Somewhat prologue, somewhat blurb
Hello my fellow jammers! Welcome to the maddest story you will ever lay eyes upon, Jamaasian High! In this story, all the jammers and Jamaasians in Jamaa go to school together! This story was supposed to be a collab, but nobody joined in so it's just my story :P 
Lostfairy recently also started writing an alternate version on her blog, which is less... AJkraftish. 
If you want to be in a chapter, or have an idea, just leave it below!

Chapter uno-In which there is art class and assembly!
"And this weeks gold star goes tooooo...." The woman looked around the classroom. AJkraft quivered in her seat. Wisteriamoon looked down at her photorealistic masterpiece of a spice rack. Purplestarclub and Cuddly looked hard at the teacher who was taking forever.
"Artymis." Artymis stood up, took a huge bow and showed off her perfect artwork. Snowyclaw glared at her.
"Ya know, Arty, one day I think somebody else should win..."
"Ey, not true! YellowFreak won 3 months in a row!"
"I guess that's true. But this red panda is going places!" 
The teacher shoved a gold star on the teenager's sweatshirt, and put the artwork on the wall. You'd think that this teacher was supposed to be teaching 4 year olds, not a mixed group of teenagers and tweens. Heck, some of these people were adults! Yet every week Mrs Fruitroll would shove gold stars on everybody and cover the wall. 

"That was... Interesting." Naffy was talking to Cosmic and Frizzy.
"I'd agree. But now," Cosmic stared in horror at the timetable on the wall, "it's assembly with Clark."
"NOOOOOO!!!" Everybody in that hallway screamed. Joyous 1 hour assembly's with Clark. The three put on nervous smiles and began to head to the assembly hall.

"So, this week's award for the worst dab in the history of Jamaa, goes to APARRI! Yay!" Clark yelled and shoved the trophy in Aparri's face. The majority of the crowd cheered. AJkraft's friend Squidward stood up and raged.
"Squidward, stop. The fangirls will-" Marzipan trailed off as Squidward was dragged away by yelling 10 year old girls to be thrown off the building. 
"And the award for the best everything goes to... WISTERIAMOOOOOOON!" Wisteria walked up to the front. This time, basically everyone cheered because Wisteria is da bezt. 
"And for the best nerdy commentary's that help 5 year olds get to sleep, we have this nerd!" Clark reached off the stage and grabbed Julian, who was studying and didn't actually care about the award. 
"And now, a presentation on making AJMVs!" Clark moved away as the lights dimmed and the video started. 
"So you get effect 6537873 and apply it to your audio with a..." 
Everybody was asleep. And IcyStar squad triumphed.

Chapter zwei-In which Wisteriamoon doesn't get enough spice, the library catches fire, Canineclaw's ringtone causes an earthquake, and AJKraft cannot PE!
Small note:Shock horror, Squidward isn't actual Squidward. I just have a friend whose nickname is Squidward. Hopefully everyone figured that out but.. Ya know XD

It was lunch break at last. As always, the groups sat around the tables. Because that's what you do at lunchtime. But half of the school were in a line. The lunch Q was being held up and curry was flying everywhere.
"Your privileges are just as extravagant as every other attendant to this school. Now GO SIT DOWN!" Screamed the lunch woman as she shoved the plate back in Wisteria's hands. Wisteria looked ticked. 
"So, what would you like young child?" She stared down at a kid.
"I'M 20!" 
Suddenly, there was an explosion coming from the library block. AJkraft screamed in horror.
"PROTECTT THE BOOKS!" And everybody followed the kid as she dashed out of the canteen.
"BOOOOOOOKSSSSS!" The teenagers yelled.
"I SWEAR TO ZIOS IF THE WARRIORS BOOKS ARE DEAD IMMA CRY!" Yelled Swirlshine and 29 other students. 
The library block was on fire!! 
But then the librarian stomped on the tiny fire on the rug and it was out.
"WOMAN YOU ARE MY HERO!" Screamed Julian2 who had appeared out of nowhere.
"SEE WISTERIA HE'S JUST A NERD. LOAF ME!!!" Yelled Aparri into Wisteria's ear. 
"No. You're such a lame kid eugh"
And the 10 year old fangirls (now back from throwing Squidward off the roof) cried.
Then the bell rung. Slowly, the children looked at their planners.

"So kids, use the power of the force to lift your... Experiment, and put it in the lightsaber, test tube."
The students slowly lifted their containers and poured them into the test tubes. But as they were pouring, an ear shattering noise came from somewhere. It was the sound of heavy metal music. The test tubes shook and smashed on the tables as everyone screamed, "EVACUATION!!!" 
"CANINECLAW I THOUGHT WE TURNED YOUR RINGTONE DOWN AFTER YESTERDAY!" Cookycupcake yelled over the noise as she ran from the amazing yet killer music. Sure enough, Canine's phone was on full blast.
"MUM WHY??" She screamed. As much as she loved heavy metal, this was a little too much and it was shaking the whole room. Heroically, Canine covered her ears and dived under the workbench, retrieving her bag. The noise was slowly creating cracks in the floor. Canine took a deep breath, reached in and turned off her phone. Everyone came back into the room. But instantly left again when they saw the crater in the ground.

"YAY PE!" Yelled an unknown unidentifiable pupil as they dashed to the changing rooms. Everyone slowly followed apart from AJKraft who had to be dragged along by a rope. 
"NO PE!" Screamed the child as she was brutally shoved in the changing room. Huh, maybe you know at this point PE is not my favourite subject. But little did AJkraft know the tables were about to turn.

"Sooooooooo today we are gonna learn..."
*long sigh from everybody
" how to square dance,"
"OOH MY FADOODLING FUZZLES (Fuzzle: Definition: small fuzzy clueless kawaii chicken) YESS!" AJkraft pulled out her cowboy hat and began to have a mental breakdown in joy. You could literally hear the groans from every single other student apart from the one lonely kiddo who liked country music. 
But then ultimately it was still PE so AJKraft still hated it.

Chaptr tre (dat grammar tho)-In which a film crew comes, and there is a paradox!
It was the start of another day at Jamaasian high. But no ordinary day. A film crew was coming! And they wanted to film a documentary! Yay!!!
"So," said Clark, "you all need to act perfectly normal."
But you could tell that nobody was going to be normal. For this is Jamaasian high, where nobody is ever normal. Ever. Suddenly Clark stared down at AJkraft who was freaking out.
"IM GONNA BE FAMOUS!" The girl screamed. Then a clucking sound came from somewhere. And a chicken emerged from AJKraft's bag. Because I always take chickens to school ;)
"Oh my days, LADY CLUCKLES CAN YOU NOT!" AJKraft shoved the chicken back in the bag.
"What?" She had realised that everyone was staring at her. They looked away and ignored everything.
"HOWEVER, there is clearly only one person perfect for the job of MAIN CHARACTER!"
"AJKRAFT" yelled AJKraft.
"No, Aparri."
"DID YOU JUST?" Wisteriamoon's voice came from the back of the hall, "CAN YOU NOT?" Wisteria ran up to the platform stage style thing and whipped out a saucepan.
"YOU DO NOT EVER MAKE THAT KID MORE FAMOOSE THEN ME!" Wisteria smacked Clark on the head with the saucepan. Everyone except Clark, Aparri and the fangirls cheered. 
"Ugh fine," sighed Clark, "Wisteriamoon will be the main character."

One problem. When Wisteria is the main character, you know things are gonna get heated.

"So ppl I is the film direktr" said the director, "nd I kow grammr so dnt juge mi pls."
"I'm judging." Said everybody. 
"So frst we r gona filmm english class 11!1!!1!1!!!1" 
"YAYYYAYAYAYYAYAY!" Screamed several children. Mainly AJKraft because she can't help but include herself a lot. 
"I CAN WRITE MORE OF A PORTAL TO CHICKENS!(minecraft story mode joke fanfic I'm writing for friends)" yelled AJkraft.
"Uh, no. Todai we r studing for a tezt."
"TEST?" Swirlshine jumped in the air, "YUSSSS!" The girl began flipping out in joy, before fainting. The nurse ran over and saved her. Then Swirlshine reached into her bag, to reveal 6 different revision books. To try and cheer her up, since she looked ticked, Swirlshine shoved a book in AJKraft's face.
"Wanna borrow this? It's about the appropriate use of full stops (yes, I'm fully aware they are called periods in the US, but i'm British so everybody will just have to deal with it)!"
"I... Think I'm good... AJKraft edged away and pulled out her own 3 page long revision. In fact, by now everybody had edged away. 
"Ok" said the director, "every1 sit dwon nd get ur ppr"
"Ppr?" Everybody stared confused.
"OH MY DAYS!" Yelled Cuddly, "DIRECTOR GUY, CAN YOU PLEASE GO AWAY???!??!??" And so the director didn't go away. But he sure did shut up. The teacher handed out the paper.
"So, everybody, firstly let's hear this amazing story AJKraft is writing!"(note, this actually happened. But luckily not with a portal to chickens)
AJkraft looked embarrassed..
"Fine." And AJKraft read the first chapter.
"WELL DONE! HAVE 727 HOUSE POINTS!!!" The teacher said excitedly. The majority of the class was unimpressed.
"Also, look what I found!" She began typing.
"NU DON'T!" Screamed Canineclaw, Cookycupcake, Naffy, Swirl, AJKraft and basically everyone else.
"Why not? Look at this amazing story I found!" She clicked on 'Jamaasian high'

The teacher began reading out the story, and got to a part where it said-
"She began typing.
"NU DON'T!" Screamed Canineclaw, Cookycupcake, Naffy, Swirl, AJKraft and basically everyone else.
"Why not? Look at this amazing story I found!" She clicked on 'Jamaasian high' "
Then everything glitched because it was a paradox.

"ANYWAY KIDS!" Yelled a film producer, "COMPUTING TIME!"
"Wait..." Swirlshine stared, "but we haven't done any revision."

Chapter 4-In which Trump teaches a class and the school watches the documentary
The children were excited because there was a new computing teacher! The class entered the room, to see.. Was that... Donald Trump? The man had hair that looked like corn, a face as square as a minecraft person's , and a body triple the size of any student. His shirt was too small, and his fat was emerging from the sides. 
"So, today we are going to learn how to copy and paste!" Donald clicked around.
"Wait, how do you copy?"
AJkraft raised her hand.
"You right-"
"No, not you. The girl behind you."
"But she-"
2fangwolf stared horrified at Donald.
"You right click. Then click copy."
"Good! I'm such a good teacher!" The whole class mentally facepalmed. 
"Ok, so now you all know how to copy and paste! Next up, how to make the cat fly in scratch!"
Half an hour later, Donald allowed everyone to the computers.
"Wait." Naffy stared blankly at the screen, "what are our new logins? Last week-"
Mel interrupted, "and where the heck are the books?" She glared hard at Donald.
"Listen, everybody. I am not responsible for your books. I am not responsible for you homework. I am not responsible for your computer logins, and I am not responsible for this lesson! So get on with your work!"
"Wait, did he just-"
"Yes, Mel, he did," sighed Lostfairy, who was repeatedly punching her keyboard which wouldn't work. Because punching broken things fixes them.
But then Mel wielded....

A NEW FROZEN CAPPACHINO! Bold AND ice cold! (Flashback to AJQuest) 
And she squirted it on Donald's head!
Then Wisteriamoon screamed in Donald's ear so that he went deaf.

The rest of the lesson was taught by Julian2. Yes, the nerd was for once useful.

"Su kidz u now sit dwn and i sow u teh footge"
The entire school was sat in the assembly hall. Aparri was throwing paper airplanes at Julian2 and laughing. Lilacpetal was hyper on coffee. DewDropReptile was having a fist fight with some aldanites. An average assembly, I guess. The film began to play.
"WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK?" Twinkle stared in horror, "WHY WERE THERE SECRET CAMERAS IN THE TOILETS?!" Luckily you could only see the sinks, but it was still creepy as heck. Nothing happened. Then the camera moved to an art class.
"And this week's gold star goes to... Artymis!"
The shock!
Then Aparri, who was in Arty's Tuesday art class began to object to the teacher, holding up a drawing of a lump.
"THE HECK WOMAN? THIS IS ART! NOT THAT!" He pointed to the photorealistic landscape Artymis had painted. Then there was slow motion of Aparri screaming. The entire hall was filled with laughter. The next shot was of a PE class. Swirlshine let out a quiet,"noooo..." And Lostfairy almost died as it showed Swirlshine's... Unique way of square dancing. And Lostfairy was in the background cheering. The entire hall stared at the two.
"What?" They stared back at them. The movie moved swiftly on. It was English class. More specifically the part of AJKraft's english class where she'd read out her unique Minecraft Story Mode fanfiction. It was bad enough the whole class hearing it, but not the whole school. There was a loud thump as the girl fell off her chair, fainted.
"We need to wake her again!" Yelled Mystic from behind her.
"How do we do that though?" Questioned 2FangWolf.
"WITH A NEW, FROZEN CAPPACHINO! Bold AND ice cold!" And Mel threw the drink from the other side of the hall, landing perfectly on AJkraft's head. She woke up just in time to hear herself reading.
"And then the fuzzle's eyes turned red! It was the genie fuzzle!"what is your wish" said the genie fuzzle! And then Benedict came through the portal!..."
AJKraft fainted again at the cringe of her beautiful yet terrible story. This time, LilacPetal poured her coffee on the child's head. She was sad at the waste of coffee, but it was an apology for all her clickbait. And now the next footage.
"So children, it's time for science class!"
"Wait..." Princessbg had realised something, "how did you get this footage if you only started filming today?"
"Majik mi chld!" Said the director.
"EVERYONE GET YOUR EARPLUGS!" Canineclaw screamed. But only those who'd heard the racquet actually did. Everyone else's ears died a the sound of the heavy metal.

In which everyone becomes useful pokemon trainers, and a system is introduced
/NOTE\ this is different to the original version of this part, because it didn't save x.x so I rewrote it

"WHY SCHOOL?" AJKraft dragged herself through the doors.
"I JUST WANT TO BE A HUMBLE KID! BUT TODAY.." Her thoughts were interrupted by a large group of children. Their eyes were glued to their phones, and they were all yelling, "POKESTOP!" Kraft was almost blown away by the amount of children. She also noticed that on their heads were Pikachu hats, with weird red glowing eyes that seemed to attach to their brains. Then, a kid headed strait for Kraft.
"No! I'm too young to die!" AJKraft ran to her locker, which she locked herself in, panting. Then, she felt the door get pulled open. Luckily, it was Squidward and Marzipan, who were not Pokemon trainers. Kraft was relieved, until she saw that the had red eyes and sp00ky red chips attached to their heads.
"WHAT?" Kraft screamed.
"YOU WILL BE MADE USEFUL." They tried to grab her, but, like a ninja, Kraft jumped out of the locker, ran past them even though she is slow as heck, and entered the hall. Then, she saw that every child in the school was a useful pokemon trainer! And on the stage was Donald Trump! Not the teacher, the dumbo who wants to be president! Through a controlled Swirlshine, he spoke a quote from minecraft story mode.
"WHY KEEP TRYING, AJKRAFT? YOU WILL ONLY FAIL. JUST AS YOU FAILED TO SAVE FUZZLE #7263636. JUST AS YOU FAILED TO GET GOOD GRADED, YOU WILL FAIL TO DEFEAT ME. AND... AND YOUR WEBKINZ COLLECTION WILL BE MADE USEFUL!" At this, Kraft mentally broke, and shot a random arrow through Donald's head, causing him to poof away. And everyone had headaches.
As the un-useful-yet-still-pokemon-trainer-just-without-Pikachu-hats-children stood up, the door swung open. Who will it be?

*intense music*
It was Ociee Ocelot!
The children looked up at the author, furious.
"Because Ociee Ocelot deserves to be known. Just be thankful it's her and not Scooter."
The school shut up. But then Ociee disappeared.
"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?" Screamed a child.
"The meaning that this story is too random! We need a story more then just AJKraft can relate to!"
"Does that mean..."
"Yes! It means that I need to introduce you to the Happy Jamaasian system!" Clark announced
"But I think it's only AJkraft whose school has that-"
"Shut up." The student vanished.
"So.." Said Clark, "you have to join clubs, go on walks, organise lessons for Year Rs, and whatever else you want! Whoever does 50 activities gets this!" He pulled out a plastic trophy. The school gasped. Then everyone ran off in a race to do stuff for charity.

In which chaos is afoot

Everybody was in the computer room.
"So, Kraft, what do you plan to do for the Happy Jamaasian System?"
"Well..." AJKraft scrolled through the options, when a beam of light came from the computer screen. AJkraft threw on some sunglasses, and read it.
"Make a YouTube channel based on a key interest... I can see it now!" Suddenly AJKraft remembered how she wanted a YouTube like crazy. But she was 3 months too young... This was her chance! AJkraft grabbed her phone from her bag, and typed a text to her mum. Her mum gave her a lecture on why she couldn't have a youtube, so Kraft abandoned the idea. Meanwhile, every other living soul was baking cakes for a bake sale. Kraft decided to join in, after all, she did win a prize back in year 3 :) (it was a mug. It's beautiful.) Kraft knew the cake recipe off by heart, but half way through, she screamed. Everybody turned around and glared at her.
"THERE'S NO VANILLA EXTRACT!" AJKraft wailed. Then she saw Aparri, who had the vanilla extract. AJKraft grabbed her sword and ran over to Aparri.
"Bruh. Give me the vanilla or I will stab you." So Aparri of course gave her the bottle. AJKraft poured half of it into the came, and shoved it in the oven. She decided to go to the canteen whilst it cooked. 

|As with half of this story, this actually did happen. Feel very sorry for me.|
AJKraft sat down with her crew, plus Squidward and Marzipan, and they talked for a while about things. What the things were is none of your business, but you know us so therefore you should be able to guess. As they talked, a bunch of boys ran past. One of them, being a thug, shoved an unfortunate member of the crew (you can decide which because I don't want to make anything bad happen to one of you. Let's just say it's Squidward because I'm 99% sure that he doesn't know about this blog.) into the table, and squirted the chocolate milk all over AJkraft's head. AJKraft cursed. Really, really loudly. And I don't curse. But I did then. Then she screamed because the chocolate milk was literally everywhere. It was in her hair, on her clothes (even though I have school uniform we'll pretend I was in my best clothes because karma) and on her bag. And in her lunch. And also on most of her friends, but they didn't look like living chocolate fountains. Kraft was so furious that she punched a hole in the table.

In which Capuccino finds a meme trumpet...

"Hello everyone! As part of the happy jammer program, we are going to be making a band! Because we like seeing children fail, everyone has to take part! Yes, CapuccinoCoffee! Even you!" 
Capuccino was staring in horror as she was handed a trumpet and was expected to play it amazingly, like all the 500 students tootling on clarinets and saxophones. A random spotlight appeared and focused on her. So she blew the trumpet and it let out a loud quacking noise, and something came out the end.
"Oh my days!" Everyone squealed, "it's dat boi!"
Dat boi rode out of the trumpet, and levitated above the students' heads, throwing doritos everywhere. A foghorn sounded, and dat boi began to do the whip and nae nae. In amazement, Capuccino blew the trumpet again. This time a pair of sunglasses poofed onto her head.
"It's confirmed!" Yelled a kid, "CapuccinoCoffee is the queen of memes!"

It was now art class. The pupils were told to make a masterpiece to sell for charity because charity. AJkraft began to make some beautiful artwork of a chicken. Artymis and Snowyclaw were working with Nightofcarnivora to create photorealistic art to sell for millions of pounds/dollars/whatever. Princessbg was angry at the teacher. Just because she was younger then a lot of the class, didn't mean she couldn't draw well! In fact, Princess was a child artist prodigy who could create incredibly kawaii artwork of everything. AJkraft, enraged at the teacher's discrimination against kawaiiness, summoned a chicken that was so freaking kawaii that you would explode if you could explode of kawaiiness *deep breath*. Kraft gave the chicken to Snow, Night and Artymis, who decided to paint it instead. When the judging time came, the teacher literally could not choose, so gave everybody gold stars. The lesson here is that if kawaii isn't noticed, make the noticed kawaii. Life lessons kids. If you are curious, each painting sold for lots of cash. 
"Soo, what charity?" Bepper asked, confused.
"The school you dimwit." Said a different teacher who appeared

R.i.p unnamed school obsessed dimwit. Rest in spaghetti, never forghetti.

In which all the students get addicted to a video game, a chicken and Aparri have a rap battle and there is a new lunch woman called Olga part 1 {BREATHS HEAVILY FROM LENGTH OF CHAPTER TITLE}

The pokemon go infection was still killing the brains of students, but there was a new game on the block. COJ, Call of Jammers. It was controlling the pupils, even though Trump was dead! What was the cause? I blame the producers. Every other word in the school was COJ. Even AJKraft was addicted. Even kids 7 years under the age limit were addicted! Even Trump teacher was addicted! 
"So, on COJ I killed three random noobs lolololl!" Trump began the lesson. 
"Today, we will learn the #sKienze of COJ!This is an algorithm!" He pointed to the projected image of an algorithm. It said:
:walk 6 steps: 
:say [my name is steve!]:
:walk 4 steps:
Then, a fuzzle appeared! It clucked loudly, and began to dance and rap.
"Yo! Kids! This is
The song of 
the algorithm!
Boom! Yeahhahah!!"
The kids stared mesmerised.
"So this is a when flag clicked
In scratch, you place it there-'
BRUH look at this swaggy cat!
It's moving
Because of all these commands!"
Trump looked at the rapping fuzzle angrily. But before he could challenge him, Aparri jumped onto a desk.
"MIND THE TABLES! They can't contain your weight!" Yelled Trump, his chair creaking.
Then, Aparri started to rap. Then the chicken. Then Aparri. Eyes darted from human to overly fuzzy chicken. Then, in a poof of trees, the fuzzle vanished. Aparri stood triumphantly. Then Zarfy threw a 1000 revision book at him. Aparri jumped off the table, ran up to Zarfy and locked his hands around the other boy's neck.
"DON'T THROW BOOKS AT YOUD BOI!" He yelled, strangulating the student. Zarfy then stood up, choking, grabbed Aparri's hips, and lifted him over his head. Aparri lost grip of Zarfy, who threw him across the room, right into Trump. Trump was so fat, that Aparri was catapulted back, knocking over a table. Pinkpuffyunicorns, Chorus and Bepper's seats all fell over. Aparri looked apologetically at his sister, who was in a heap with her friends and the chairs.

At lunch, Kraft went to get some food from the canteen. The que was about twenty metres long, with the teens and kids practically on top of each other. But, why was it moving so... Slowly?
Kraft tapped the shoulder of Lostfairy, who was standing in front of her.
"Do you know why we're moving so slowly?"
"It's a disaster. Wisteria attacked that lunch woman again, and now she's quit. So she was replaced by an eighty year old woman called Olga."
AJKraft wanted to squeeze the life out of something, she was so angry.
"Well, I guess I have an essey to write..." AJKraft pulled a large folder out of her bag, and began writing.
Eventually, she and Naffy were in. 
"One pasta with cheese sauce, please!"
"Ohh... Sorry... Dearie... We only.... Have... Cabbage filled pasta.... With... Parma ham... And nettle...Dip."
"Oh crab. No thanks." AJKraft hated cabbage. Nettle was just... You know.. And parma ham... Minecraft story mode fans will know why. 
Instead, AJKraft picked up the last bread and butter, a brownie and a coke.


  1. Kraft went to sit with her group, but the table was dominated by... ALDANITES! *really intense music*
    "What the heckadoodledoos are you all doing at our table?"
    "Eating, you unrare dumbo."
    "DO YOU WANT ME TO BEAT UP THIS PIECE OF PAPER?" Kraft wielded a peace of paper.
    "O NONONONONO!" Yelled all the spoiled brats as they ran off.

    |AN:I'm so sorry for not updating in forever. I'm writing too many stories right now... Just too many.|

    "So welcome to another PDC class... As always, we will begin with a debate. Any suggestions?"
    AJkraft raised her hand.
    "Should PDC class be banned?"
    "Well, that's a good one. So, go to the right or left side of the class for yes or no.
    The kids sorted themselves, and shockhorror there was nobody on the no side.
    "So, go along in a line and state your opinions."
    "I WILL BEGIN!" Yelled Kraft, "It should be banned because it's gross! I don't want to be scarred for life by those videos!"
    "Talkin, of that, look what we have today!" The woman pulled out a cd. Luckily, it was not a.. Ahem... One of THOSE ones (gotta keep this PG), instead it was called, "Studies of the typical maniac."
    "CONTINUING ON..." Called Wisteriamoon, "PDC CLASS IS GROSS!"
    And so the children all shut up and watched the video.

  2. In which all the students get addicted to a video game, a chicken and Aparri have a rap battle and there is a new lunch woman called Olga part 2:A portal has appeared and I accidentally create another Minecraft StoryMode crossover oops

    AJkraft ran home almost as fast as Sonic, her backpack swinging crazily. But suddenly she saw a magical portal appear.
    "hmmm, what have I learned from Minecraft Story mode?" Thought AJKraft to herself, "I've learned to not go through portals. But what if an entire civilisation needs my help?" Kraft sat on a bench and wondered. She then noticed SwirlShine, LostFairy and Naffy on the way to the book store.

    And so they entered the portal.

    "ONG GUYS!" AJKraft looked at the tiny floating minecraft island they were all standing on, "COME ON EVERYONE WE HAVE TO STOP..." AJkraft wondered. Who on earth were the other people intent on finding the magic chicken? "APARRI!" Kraft settled on an opinion, "Right. So we have to build a dirt bridge over there. It won't collapse because minecraft logic." And so everybody began to tear the island up, until there were only four dirt blocks.
    "AND BUILD!" Instructed Kraft whom was sweating like crazy with excitement. Soon enough they were at the main giant city place. Then, a random person appeared and looked at them all terrified.
    "Building. Unauthorised building is against the law, I know." Kraft shoved the man aside and began to speedwalk to a building.
    "Hello Mi-" Kraft was cut off as she saw that it was NOT Milo. Instead it was...
    "SCOOTER? Why are YOU in this story? I promised Ociee ocelot could appear for ten seconds, but no more!"
    "But Kraft! This is the most ridiculous story on the internet;I had to appear at some point!"
    "Fine, you can exist. But I swear if I see Dare, Indie or Lukas you have some explaining! We can't be throwing characters around everywhere!"
    "Oh heck. Fine. What can one do for you?"
    "Did you see three random strangers who looked evil?"
    "Yeah. They were all pretty swag. Had nice jackets."
    "NOPE! THEY WERE NOT SWAG! JUST TELL ME WHERE-" Kraft was cut off as there was the sound of a speaker...
    "This is your FOUNDER SPEAKING!" Yelled a woman.
    "Is that... SwirlShine finally spoke. Kraft had been doing too much speaking for anybody else to say anything.

  3. Sorry for not updating in forever. School is EVIL. I have tons of homework and a ton of stories to work on, including one for school. I promise the next chapter will come soon, thanks for your patience :)

  4. XD *cracks up*

    This is hilarious! It's awesome. XD

    By the way, thanks for adding me a few times! <3

  5. In which AJKraft, Hillary Clinton and Swirlshine fall off an island in the sky and the space time continuum bursts.
    "Some kids built a bridge into town and-"
    "GUARDSSSS SEIZE THEM!" Yelled Hilary. Suddenly, guards came from everywhere.
    "YOLO!" Screamed Kraft, running out in plain sight.
    "WHAY ARE YOU DOING KRAFT?" Yelled Swirlshine, immediately getting noticed by the guards.
    "LOST, NAFFY. ONE OF YOU HAS TO COME TOO TO CONTINUE THE PLOT!" Screeched Kraft, breaking ten peoples' ears. Naffy awkwardly shoved LostFairy, and ran away.
    "Ok guys you all played the escapist right??" Kraft whispered, forgetting grammar.
    "Ummm no."
    Suddenly, Lost began to have a mental breakdown.
    "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO JAIL! I HAVE SO MUCH TO LIFE FOR!" She yelled and then was tasered because tasers. The group was then forcefully dragged into the throne room.
    "Everyone shut up please!" Kraft walked over to Hilary clinton.
    "Woman, hi."
    "YES YOU DO."
    "I defeated Trump, I can defeat you too!"
    "Lol no."
    Swirlshine then walked over
    Suddenly, a kid appeared and sparta kicked everyone off the island.

    "Did not!"
    Kraft then hit the ground and the entire universe exploded.

    "So class, get out your maths books!" The woman suddenly noticed the kid sliding off her chair.
    "KRAFT, WAKE UP!" She brutally shook the child. Then a bright glow came through the window and an ocelot randomly appeared.
    "Kraft, thats just an ocelot." The entire room groaned.
    "OCELOTTTTTTT!" Kraft screamed before intensely fangirling over the poor animal before a wormhole sucked the ocelot back into space.
    The teacher looked confused for a minute, before continuing on.
    "so if wootmoo has three apples and bepper has two apples and then they eat 28 8/2827ths of the apples how many apples are left?"
    Then there was a loud noise as everyone banged their heads on their desks.


    Kraft was awkwardly sat in a pond. Yes, in a pond. She was slowly eating crisps and humming really loudly. Most kids edged away from her but one person acknowledged her existance.
    "Uhh, why are you in pond?" DXplorergirl looked at Kraft.
    "Uhh... What?"
    "Its my swamp. MY SWAMP!" The batty child threw a potato at DX and then continued to hum weird frog noises.

    [AN:please dont ask why any of this is happening.]

    DT with the most evil teacher in the school!
    Mr pigeon returns!
    A highly caffeinated squirrel destroys the sports hall!
    And Kraft discovers the true meaning of the universe!
    Only in the craziest story ever written, JAMAASIAN HIGHHH

  6. In which the students have DT with the most evil teacher in the school, computing with Mr pigeon, Kraft discovers the meaning of the universe and a highly caffeinated squirrel destroys the sports hall

    "So guys, what are you going to be for halloween?" DXplorer (pls tell me if you want to be called something else by the way) questioned the group.
    "I'M GOING TO BE-" Kraft stood on the table, "THE MAGNET PUMPKIN!"
    "What's the magnet pumpkin?" Swirlshine stared at #hypeJkraft.
    "White pumpkin with 192973636% more magnet!"
    "Uhhh..." The entire classroom edged away.
    "Pssst..." LostFairy poked Kraft, who turned to see Mr Hamster (again based off real life teacher. His name is a species of hamster thus mr hamster).
    Mr hamster pulled out a footlong that was way more then a foot long, and hit AJKraft around the face.
    "GET A LIFE KID!" He yelled. Kraft wanted to say that she's murder him but thought better of it.
    "Ok." AJKraft couldn't bear to say anything else.
    "Now, everyone please take out your woodwork projects before I use this saw to chop off your heads!" Mr Hamster pointed the saw at Aparri, who stared at the teacher like his chocolate had been stolen. AJKraft took out her woodwork project. It was a box. It was beautiful.
    "NOW, YOU BETTER FINSIH YOUR PROJECTS TODAY OR I'LL HAMMER YOU INTO THE WALL!" He screamed. Suddenly, a magical speck of magic came from the projector. Kraft observed the speck as it flew around the room and landed on her face. Suddenly, Kraft could see everything! She could see the meaning of the universe!
    "Cookie and cream flavoured kitkats,..." She began to drift off into sleep.

    When Kraft woke up, everyone was running. What was happening? Was it the hunger games? Had Mr Hamster killed someone? No. There was a highly caffeinated squirrel soaring through the school. It was currently outside the window followed by an armed teacher and 27 unarmed students.
    "CUCUMBERS!" It squeaked.
    AJKraft joined in, exiting the classroom and chasing the squirrel. Suddenly, there was an explosion as the squirrel fired a grenade at the sports hall.
    The sports hall


    "NO MORE PE!!! YESSSSSS!!!" Kraft screamed and hugged the squirrel which wriggled away and left to try and destroy america.

    "CLASS, WHY AREN'T YOU IN YOUR SEATING PLAN???" Mr Pigeon screamed
    "Because you didn't set one." PinkEmpress stared at Mr Pigeon.
    "WELL IM SETTING ONE NOW AND YOU BETTER GET INTO IT OR DETENTION!!" He yelled, causing an earthquake.
    "Everyone, TAKE COVER!" Aparri screamed before getting crushed by Mr Pigeon's fat body as he propelled himself onto the boy.
    "THAT'S MY BODY, DUDE!" Mr Pigeon shifted his behind to see that Aparri was crushed face first into the floor. Everyone ignored life as Aparri peeled himself off the carpet, resuming regular form and noticing the giant dent in the floor where Mr Pigeon had squashed him.

    Part 2 coming soon

    1. After this chapter is done, its the Halloween special. I promise not to murder any youtubers :)



  7. [AN...sort of.]
    Ok since this is my most popular story(I think lol) I'll put this here

    I'm taking 20 free commissions. They can be your AJ animal or an oc or whatever

    You can also ask me to draw characters/scenes/whatever from mcsm, the hunger games, zootropolis or *defends self from Canine using fising rod*w..w...warriors. I'll also draw scenes from any of my stories but nobody wants that lol
    I can also make youtube banners and other edity things :P


    The finished pieces will go up on my adobe profile page,

    Ask any questions :)


    Ps story updates coming tomorrow stay tuned hobos


      *surrounds self with obsidian*

    2. AHHHHH


      *throws Reuben at Canineclaw nn*

      And whoops, uh, i meant... Withers.
      Yeah, withers. I can draw withers!

      Heh... Heh... *hides in closet*

  8. lol I know i said part 2 but i got too hyped for the spoopy special so lol

    in which AJKraft dresses up as 'the magnet pumpkin', clowns invade the school and a bunch of other stuff happens.

    AJKraft had been working on her costume for weeks. Giant magnets are NOT cheep, kids. But now she strode into school accomplished. Most of the students were dressed up as generic halloween things. Kraft walked slowly into her form room, and suddenly thew her axe across the room, just missing a kid's head. Everyone gasped. Then music began playing.
    "GREETINGS, STUDENTS!" Kraft said immensely deeply, "I AM THE MAGNET PUMPKIN!!"
    Kraft then revealed a giant magnet and the tables began to move.
    "O heck"
    The students tried to get out if the way of the tables.
    Then, Swirlshine entered the room dressed as Greely.
    AJKraft dropped her magnet out the window, sending the tables and metal objects including a knife with it and then got Henrietta out of her school bag, the chicken clucking. Kraft sat on the teacher's chair and swirled around towards Swirlshine, stroking the chicken.
    "I've been inspecting you..." She said mysteriously. The mask muffled her voice so it sounded like an eighty year old man. Suddenly Julian.
    "Uh, what are you supposed to be?" Aparri looked at Julian nervously as he sat down.
    Suddenly, many spinny boiz entered and did a conga around the room.
    Suddenly clown.
    "Uh, who are you?" Wisteria entered the form behind the clown, who was wielding a floating chainsaw.
    "I AM... A CLOWN!" The clown yelled.
    "Spinny boiz, attack!" Julian pointed at the clown but the spinny boiz all jumped out the windows in fear.
    "Don't worry guys, I got this!" Kraft pulled out an axe, "I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS!" She squealed like a fangirling pig and attacked the clown. The clown poofed away.
    "AJKRAFT IS A MURDERER!" Wailed everyone.
    "Uh, no. HE IS!" AJKraft pointed to Julian who was now holding the mask because magic.
    "lock him in the janitor's cupboard!!" Aparri cackled as Wisteria tied king bean up and marched him downstairs.



    1. You know its gettin real as soon as Kraft murders a clown and frames it on Julian.

      wait is this foreshadowing

      Maybe somewhat
      *drumming intensifies*

  9. "WELCOME TO OUR SPOOKY ASSEMBLY!" Clark waved his arms around as if trying to motivate a cheer, "WHO WILL WIN OUR SPOOK-TACULAR PLAQUE?"
    "Kraft, don't-" Canineclaw tried to stop her, but Kraft was already standing on her chair and continuing her magnet pumpkin theme.
    "ONE OF YOU-" she pointed to Clark, "HAS THE TREASURE I DESIRE!"
    "Kraft. Shut up." Clark looked down his nose at the weird kiddo, who began to cry.
    "Kraft, why are you crying?" Swirlshine looked weirdly at Kraft.
    "BECAUSE IM SAD!" Kraft then threw her axe at the ceiling and the lights went out.
    "I HAVE CANDY!!!" Bepper broke the silence by throwing candy everywhere.
    "SILENCE!" Clark yelled and the lights went back on.
    Suddenly there was a big explosion and many koalas appeared.
    "SPINNY BOIZZz!!" Julian yelled from inside the cupboard. But then a storm of potatoes came.
    "FITE!" Screamed Tigerr.
    "NO BE PEACEFUL BOIZ!" Screamed PianoSkyCat.
    Potatoes and Spinny Boiz fought for hours until Artymis silenced the students by holding up a photorealistic masterpiece of a brick wall. Everyone forgot the chaos and bowed to her.

    After school, Kraft was making her way downtown to get candy.
    *knock knock* she tapped on a door.
    "Ooh hello dearie! What can I do for you?" An ancient woman spoke.
    "Uhhhh.. Wrong address!"

    Meanwhile Julian was still in the cupboard. He had now started to plot revenge on the whole school.


    The students have left high school, and are now on a mission for more education.
    Welcome to Jamaasian Campus.

    With wild parties, escaping frogs and Kraft conquering her fear of moths, this story will be insane!
    But will they ever be smart?

    -JH season 2 will come after the next part and will still follow life in high school-

  10. I had to reread this entire block of words to find where my place was before the other blog died
    I laughed more than I did the first time
    I have a feeling computers will sprout wings and fly into the sky, demanding everyone to bow down to them
    Don't ask why it just happened
    My mind is insane

    1. Thank you!
      I miss the old blog. Literally nobody knows about this one :'(
      That might have to happen. either in the finale or in Jamaasian Campus.
      Thank you for reading my ridiculous story XD

    2. I miss it too, I wish more people read this blog.

    3. We all do I think
      A while ago I started my own story blog and forgot it existed
      But i'm trying to get back to it
      My schedule is the busiest thing on earth so i'm getting to it one story at a time
      And you're welcome

  11. It's been a while, sorry xd
    But never fear! The final installment of JH:S1 is coming soon!

    What will Julian do?
    Why is there a flying computer?
    Will Aparri find his lost pineapple?
    And what about the clowns?


    Also nobody seems to read my other stories so whilst waiting please do. Ik there's a bunch of warnings on How to be a hero but it isn't actually bad at all. Just don't read AJA if you dislike violence.


  12. Julian lit the magical portal. A sea of zombie spinny boiz emerged.
    "ATTACK!" Screamed Julian, sending the sea of boiz bursting out of the closet.
    As the students walked around the halls happily, they were suddebly all swept away by the boiz.
    "JULIAN! 1V1 FOR WISTERIAMOON!" Aparri yelled through the sea of boiz.
    "OK!" Julian rode the wave of boiz towards Aparri. They drew swords from nowhere and began to fight. Whilst they fought, the boiz stopped spinning and sat down, filling the hall.
    As Aparri and Julian battled, a sudden object caught the attention of everyone and everyboi. It was a flying computer, ridden by Mr Pigeon.
    "REMEMBER KIDS, FOLLOW THE ALGORITHM!" He called out as he flew.
    What even was happening?
    Nobody knew.
    Mr Pigeon flew out of a window, smashing it.
    "WELL THEN, GET BACK TO YOUR FITE!" Kraft screamed, passing Julian a sword. Aparri was about to hit Julian in the face, but then turned, seeing a glowing yellow light.
    "IS THAT... MY LOST PINEAPPLE??" Aparri ran over to the pineapple and hugged it.
    And so Aparri and the Pineapple walked into the sunset.
    "Guys, where did the clowns go?" Naffy looked around nervously.
    "Aye, they left." A random kid said. But then a clown appeared.
    And another and another.
    And another.
    But they poofed away.
    Kraft woke up.
    "KID, YOU HAVE BEEN ASLEEP FOR THE WHOLE LESSON! Explain yourself before I set a detention!"
    "There was this weird dream... About a school full of weird people..." Kraft sighed, "it was amazing!" She looked at the students beside her.

    At this point, you're thinking all of JH was a dream.

    But she hadn't.
    She'd been dreaming of a really boring, mundane school full of bullies and crazy people.

    -and so Kraft walked home to complete a mountain of homework-


    ~Coming soon:Jamaasian preschool. There won't be a new tab for that one, it'll just be on this one unless Canine wants to make it a tab I don't know lol. Also please read Jamaasian campus if you haven't already it's pretty intense~

    1. Oh my gosh. I just finished reading JH. XD I LOVE IT!!! XD Its so perfectly random and funny. I can't wait for more! I really hope more people read the one true original JH.

    2. Omg a comment1!1!1!1!!1

      Thank you :)

    Currently, I can not publish comments from my Ipad, where I write my stories. It might be a few weeks before any updates, apologies to my.. Like.. 3 readers XD


  14. Makes me laugh super hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDD

  15. Ok guys forget that this is supposed to be over but WHATEVER

    Also jp is cancelled sorry rip

    In which Kraft almost spears Aparri with a javelin, Julian2 sabotages a bush and Piegirlsy saves a sloth.

    It was time for PE.
    Kraft dragged herself to the sports cupboard and helped carry the javelins because she felt very kind today.
    "so class just um throw your javelin pls!" Said the teacher in some pretty lit grammar. Kraft didn't know where to throw the javelin because there wasn't a target or an apple or anything. Suddenly, she heard a weird noise.
    "O NO MONKEYS!!" She threw her spear and heard a really loud scream coming from Aparri.
    "OWWWW!" He cried. Kraft felt guilty but she also laughed because Aparri was crying like a little girl even though the javelin only pierced his hat. Meanwhile, Julian was looking around the grounds when he found a very gross looking hedge. He was triggered so he took some clippers and turned it into a spinny boi. The teachers were very angry so they made him scrub the floor of the changing rooms which was pretty gross since everyone was still in their getting changed.

    "now kids. I am afraid to announce that Philippe the class sloth must go because it stinks"
    "AHEM!" Piegirlsy was very triggered because Philippe was hot.

    "ok" said Clark and gave Piegirlsy the cage with the sloth in.
    she unicycled out just like dat boi.

    Ik this iz short I'm sorry ok


  16. Art example-

    1. Imgur account-

    2. ^^This was because someone wanted to commission some artwork from me. Ignore it lOl


  17. --News--
    I will be resuming to posting Jamaasian Campus, the occasional JH and AJ Adventures very soon. Sorry for dissapearing for like 6 months. I couldn't comment from my Ipad, where I write my stories, but I can now ^-^

    AJSM might continue in the future.

    How to be a hero and Country roads will start soon (the first part of CR is up already)
    Kraft's oneshots will be updated soon

    Thank you for your patience